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22 October 1968

Fifty years ago today, also a Monday, at the age of twenty-one, amid a deeply unpopular war, in a decision created out of a haze of depression, patriotism, and a deep yearning to free myself from the distrustful control of … Continue reading

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Being Ok

Whether you or someone you know suffers from it or not, you probably don’t need me to tell you that depression is a pernicious affliction. Its milder forms can be debilitating, while the more serious forms can be fatal; not … Continue reading

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Fallen Angels of Death – Part Two

May, 1970 The Company commander had dropped his map out of a helicopter while he was on a recon flight. My Platoon was sent to look for it. There were twenty-three of us and we were well spread out, as … Continue reading

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Fallen Angels of Death – Part One

January, 1970 An explosion jerked me back to the real world. I’d been sitting in the sun, smoking and daydreaming, when it happened. I grabbed my rifle, jumped up, and ran in the direction of the shouting and the drifting … Continue reading

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