Love is a strange and wondrous thing, isn’t it? It’s like a chemical reaction between two people. That’s why we call it “chemistry” – that spark or chain reaction we can feel with another person, when we sense something about her or him that we cannot yet put into words. In time, we may find that chemistry is all it is: hot times, great sex, but no real connection beyond that. Or we may discover a greater, deeper connection than we thought possible. It does happen.

Most people, me included, hope to find a soul mate, someone who will be both best friend and lover, at some point in their life. A great many of us never do. We have relationships that we think, or hope, will fulfill those desires, but often don’t.

If you believe in Fate or Destiny, then you may go through life believing that you will ultimately find that person.  It might take years for you to know whether you have or not, or you might realize it in a flash, after seeing someone only two or three times.

I do think that Life, or Fate, or the gods, have a hand in things here on our Earth. We don’t always see it, or understand it, but I believe we are given opportunities to make choices that have the power to enhance and better our lives; to bring us the peace and joy that each of us seeks in our life. To bring us the love we seek.

Sometimes we choose well, sometimes not. Sometimes, if we’ve experienced enough, loved enough, lost enough, we can intuit things about another person and know that this is the person you want to know better than you’ve ever known anyone; love better, deeper, more wisely, than anyone you’ve ever known and loved; build something stronger with this person that will be more resilient and durable than any relationship you’ve ever experienced, and more fulfilling as well.

When you intuit that about another person, it’s like an explosion has been set off in your head, and in your heart. When everything you thought you might never have suddenly seems possible, it’s as though doors that were sealed shut for years are thrown open and light floods every corner of your life, and all those once-dark corners and recesses that hold sad memories, old fears, old wounds, don’t matter anymore, because that light has the power to ameliorate and heal, and also to give you the hope and courage to trust again, love again, even if you thought it would never be possible, because you were too wary, too wounded, too full of painful memories.

In the light, you have the opportunity to create new memories, new life, that will overlay and disarm the old, dark, painful ones. In the light, you can live, and love, and create with someone else a life filled with shared joy and love and compassion.

I believe that. I believe it is possible. I believe it now, more clearly than I ever have.

Such is the power of love.


For RV

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