Why Bernie vs Hillary Matters More Than People Think

An excellent piece that helps explain why people should take Bernie Sanders more seriously than they do.

Benjamin Studebaker

Lately the internet has become full of arguments about the merits and demerits of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been discussing and pondering all the various views about this, and I’m increasingly of the opinion that most of the people engaging in this debate don’t really understand what is at stake in the democratic primary. This is in part because many Americans don’t really understand the history of American left wing politics and don’t think about policy issues in a holistic, structural way. So in this post, I want to really dig into what the difference is between Bernie and Hillary and why that difference is extremely important.

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2 Responses to Why Bernie vs Hillary Matters More Than People Think

  1. Ken Lutes says:

    Thanks Michael,

    I just read Studebaker’s most recent post and subscribed to his blog. As one who has never deeply followed politics in general, his research/posts help me to better understand the political terminologies and have given me a clearer picture of why so many people are Bernie backers. The momentum seems to be in Bernie’s favor; upcoming primaries will be interesting to watch. It will be especially interesting to see if his campaign workers can effectively educate/convert the Clintonites as to the real differences between him and Hillary. Right now, I think Bernie is treading lightly, inching forward just enough in each debate to keep demonstrating his position and dancing on Hillary’s toes a little more each time. I think he’s letting the ground troops do the work for him, as any good general would do.



    • Archmichael says:

      Thanks,Ken. Nicely said. I went to hear Bernie speak this evening at the Convention center. The variety of people, and the energy, in the room were quite amazing.

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